Auto Glass Repair

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Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Repair | Alaska Glass Masters - Fairbanks, AK

When you live and work in Fairbanks, AK, you never know when the windshield on your vehicle is going to get hit! It’s easy to overlook small marks that don’t seem important enough to repair.

Our professional and experienced auto glass repair services are your insurance against replacing an entire windshield. When minor damage occurs, it doesn’t just sit there and remain the same until you decide to do something about it. The break in the glass’s integrity means that the next minor hit could lead to a much larger degree of damage and put your safety at risk.

At Alaska Glass Masters, we are professionals at auto glass repair who have the experience and knowledge to apply the needed pressure for the repair technique, without causing further damage to the glass. We can evaluate the type and location of the damage and determine the best repair treatment for the job.

For the best services and lowest prices in auto glass repair in Fairbanks, AK, call Alaska Glass Masters to provide you with the type of repair you need based on:

• Location
• Size
• Type of Damage
• Length of Crack
• Overall Integrity of Windshield
• Time Since Damage Occurred

Improvements in the technology used to repair windshields have made it possible to save them from expensive and untimely replacements, in many cases. We offer prompt repair service 24/7, so that you can give cracks, dings and chips the immediate attention they need to prevent them from growing. Bring in your vehicle and let us evaluate how serious the damage is and make the appropriate repairs to have it back to like-new condition in no time!