Auto Glass Replacement

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Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Replacement | Alaska Glass Masters - Fairbanks, AK

Auto glass replacement is an art that needs to be performed correctly and as soon as damage occurs. Alaska Glass Masters will provide you with professional quality replacement of your windshield when the unexpected happens, causing serious damage to your auto glass.

Road Debris – Although roads anywhere have some degree of debris that will put your vehicle at risk, those in Alaska are laden with gravel and pebbles that make your odds for damage a lot higher. Vehicles that stand higher on the road than yours can easily pick up rocks in their tires and project them into the vehicle behind them. This is probably the biggest cause of auto glass replacement in the country.

Falling Branches – Many places where you can park your car in Fairbanks, AK, are tree covered. It doesn’t take a severe storm to cause branches to fall – just bad timing! When they do, the damage to your windshield could easily be severe.

Baseballs – Any vehicle that is not kept in a garage has a much higher risk of being damaged. Kids playing baseball or participating in other activities can cause breaks to windshields while they are sitting in your own driveway.

Vandalism – Sitting in the open is often the only invitation that vandals need. When they are there to destroy, auto glass often makes a tempting target.

Theft – When thieves attempt to steal a vehicle, they don’t want to damage it. When they want something inside the car, breaking the windshield or any of the other windows is an option that will give them the access they want.

Unknown – Sometimes, you go out to your car to head to work and the windshield is broken. You never know what the cause may have been.

Whatever the reason for the breakage to your windshield, getting fast and quality auto glass replacement is important. Driving at all with a broken windshield can put you at greater risk of severe injury if an accident should occur. Discover how easy and convenient it can be to get your windshield replaced when you need it!